Coronavirus Update 3-16-20

Based on guidance released Sunday evening from the Center of Disease Control, The Demopolis City School System will revise its plan and close schools beginning Tuesday, March 17th until April 6th, unless otherwise announced. This closure includes all school and school related activities.

The Demopolis City School System will be implementing a School Closure Feeding Program beginning Tuesday, March 17th through Friday, March 20th and Monday, March 23rd through Friday March 27th. The feeding program will be closed during the week of Spring Break, March 30th through April 3rd.

We will be serving drive-thru curbside meals to be picked-up in front of Westside Elementary and U.S. Jones Elementary Schools between 10:30 am and 12:00 pm daily. Parents can pick up meals for any child 18 years old or under.

We will be distributing enrichment activities for student to have during this State of Emergency. These enrichment activities will also be uploaded to each school’s website.

During this time away from school it is strongly encouraged to avoid social gatherings. Thank you for your patience as we work through this complex challenge that is unfolding daily. It is important that we remain calm, but aware as we work through these new developments in our lives. We are living through the making of history that future generations will learn about in years to come.

Demopolis City School System

Anxiety in School-Aged Children Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic

Guidelines for Families

Facing the unknown is frightening for anyone, but even more so for children. At the present time there is much fear regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. This information is provided to assist with conversations you may have with your children.

Important Tips:

  • Take care of yourself first. Children depend on the adults around them to be and to feel safe and secure. If you are very anxious or angry, children are more likely to be affected by your emotional state than by your words.
  • Children may need extra attention from you and may want to talk about their concerns, fears, and questions. It is important that they know they have someone who will listen to them; make time for them.
  • Talk about the Coronavirus Pandemic with your students if you feel it is appropriate – only provide information that is CORRECT and age appropriate for children. Do NOT repeat information to students that is not factual. Provide specific information:  Example: “This is a respiratory illness spread by coughing and sneezing.” “The CDC states these symptoms appear in a few days after being exposed to someone with the disease or as long as 14 days after exposure:  Fever 2. Cough 3. Shortness for breath. For some people the symptoms are like having a cold; for others they are quite severe. Your parents will need to contact your health care provider for any specific concerns”
  • Advise older children that everything they see/read on the internet is not necessarily factual. Tell them that the Centers for Disease Control and Alabama Department of Public Health provides the most up to date information.
  • Reassure children of the steps that are being taken to keep them safe. Provide specific information: “We are all going to be very careful to cover our coughs and sneezes by coughing/sneezing in our elbow”. “We must all wash our hands or use hand sanitizer often”. “Everyone should try to practice social distancing – which is to stay 6 feet away from others when possible.” “We are keeping our classroom clean to decrease the spread of germs at school.”

More detailed information is available on the CDC website.