Demopolis Average Daily Attendance Rate is Almost 98% After 1 Quarter of the School Year

After one quarter of the school year, Demopolis students are attending school at a daily rate of just less than 98%.  Students and parents need to be commended for this effort.  A free public education is one of the greatest opportunities for the children of Alabama.  It is imperative that attendance and one’s education are taken seriously and are a priority in all families.

The school administrators and teachers want students to be in attendance on time and all day.  Multiple check-ins and early dismissals can add up to missed instructional time.  Missed instructional time can lead to students getting behind academically and in need for intervention, private tutoring, or even summer school to catch up.  As a reminder, students are allowed 4 parent excuses for check-ins and early dismissals.  After 4 parent excuses, check-ins and early dismissals must be accompanied with a doctor’s excuse.  An abundance of unexcused check-ins or early dismissals will result in a referral to the early warning truancy program and may lead to a truancy complaint filed with the Marengo County District Judge.

In addition, it is strongly encouraged for parents not to check out their children after 2:00 PM.  Late afternoon check-outs cause interruptions in the school day and afternoon traffic flow on each campus.  If we can make it to 2:00, then in most cases we can make it all day.

Thank you for taking school attendance seriously and making a free public education a priority in your family and Demopolis, Alabama.